These stories don’t necessarily fit a theme, but they’re all extremely interesting and should be given a once over.

Most of us view the American Revolution in a positive light, but some dark things went down in the U.S.’s struggle for independence from England. The disturbing story of the tarring and feathering of a British customs officer. Written by the great Nathaniel Philbrick. Excellent read.

Speaking of revolution, South American had its own fight with a colonial power. Here’s an account of Simon Bolivar and one of the boldest military moves in history.

Bat Masterson achieved fame as a Wild West gunslinger. Some of his reputation is deserved, but he was also just a man who loved sports and spent his later years in New York. 

Want to understand the South and slavery? Read this article.

This Confederate guerrilla wasn’t above killing friends and wounded soldiers.

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  1. Andrew Hart says:

    New to the site and loving it. These are some great rec’s to boot! Kudos!

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